Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Here is my mom holding a pine cone for Berta at the end of the race, it may seem strange but Berta prefers  pine cones over regular toys. why? I do not know.

Berta eyeing the pine cone before the race.

Berta running


Ernie intently watching the race.

My mom and Berta after the race
Yesterday my family and I went to a dachshund gathering/party/race at a local pet store. Berta participated in the race but sadly I was unable to get very good pictures. for me it was all kinda a blur. as I am sure it shows in the pictures. Berta made us all proud by coming in last in the dachshund race. Ernie did not participate in the race but had fun meeting the other doxies. there was a costume contest, a dog dressed as Captain America won :-) it was overall a really fun event. ☺

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